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Commitment Text

As a member of the Presidents’ Alliance for Excellence in Student Learning and Accountability, my institution commits to improve significantly its assessment of, and accountability for, student learning outcomes. The faculty and administrators on my campus recognize the need to establish, strengthen, and integrate assessment practices that support continuous improvement of student learning in order to ensure educational excellence. As a member of the Alliance, I will also take leadership on these issues to help organize and mobilize the higher education community in ways that influence thinking and positively change practices nationally.

Excellence in undergraduate education in preparation for work, life, and responsible citizenship is a core commitment for my institution, and for that reason the leadership, faculty, and administrators at my institution commit to:

  1. Make continuous improvement of student learning assessment and student learning a priority on our campus.
  2. Establish new and strengthen existing assessment practices, as indicated in our Action Plan, in order to integrate student learning assessment into the culture of our institution.
  3. Use assessment findings when making decisions about educational improvement efforts.
  4. Join the appropriate reporting template for our institutional type and/or participate in externally benchmarked data collection processes.
  5. Work with the New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability to share and publicize our work.

In this spirit, I am pleased to join the Presidents’ Alliance for Excellence in Student Learning and Accountability.