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Directions for Joining

Step 1 – Create a User Profile

Joining the Presidents’ Alliance requires that a liaison from the institution establish a User Profile in order to access the online membership and reporting system. The liaison will serve as the institution's point of contact.

Step 2 – Complete your Institutional Profile and Action Pan

Once a User Profile has been created, you will be automatically directed to the Presidents’ Alliance Dashboard.  From this page, select the "Join the Presidents’ Alliance" option to begin the membership process.

From the "Join the Presidents’ Alliance" page, you will have to complete three steps.  You may save your work at any time by selecting the "Save as Draft" button at the end of the page and then clicking the "Submit" button.

  1. Select the "Complete your Institutional Profile" option.  Please fill in all of the fields with the correct information about your institution.
  2. Select the "Complete your Action Plan" option.  Please complete an audit of your institution’s current efforts and select what your institution will commit to improving over the next year.  You must complete the audit for every statement listed, though you do not have to select a statement in every area to be a part of your Action Plan.  Please also complete the Action Plan Form describing your institution’s goals for improvement for the next 12 months and the steps that will be taken to accomplish those goals. Every year, on the anniversary of your institution joining the Presidents' Alliance, you will be asked to report your institution's progress and recommit by completeing the audit and submitting a revised Action Plan.
  3. Download the Commitment Form.

Once you have completed both sections be sure to submit each by selecting "Save as Final".  Once your application is submitted as final you will not be able to make further changes.  The status for each section should read “Pending: You have submitted your Institutional Profile/Action Plan for review.  In order to make changes please e-mail us.


Step 3 – Submit your Commitment Form

Joining the Presidents’ Alliance requires that your institution’s Chief Executive Officer sign-off on becoming a member of this group.  Please submit the signed Commitment Form via e-mail to or via fax to .


Step 4 – Await Confirmation

Once we have verifed that your application is complete, you will receive an e-mail confirmation notifying you that your institution is officially a member of the Presidents' Alliance and that your listing appears online.

Please contact us at or .